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Hi, and welcome to Bowie County Equipment online! Bowie County Equipment is a locally owned and authorized New Holland Agriculture Equipment  dealership.For over 60 years we have served the DeKalb and Texarkana areas in Northeast Texas,as well as Southeast Oklahoma and Southwest Arkansas. Along with our New Holland Equipment,we offer the full line of Bush Hog products including rotary cutters ,post hole diggers,and more.You will also find Bad Boy mowers and MTV's,Vermeer, Kuhn ,and Vicon hay equipment in stock and ready to go.Rounding out our equipment lines are Wylie sprayers,Rhino rotary cutters, and KMC Poultry House Equipment.

Take your time and browse our online store! Take advantage of our showroom feature for specs,pictures,and price quotes and our internet sales page. If you don't see what you are looking for just let us know chances are we can get it here in a hurry. At Bowie County Equipment it's our job to keep you working.






Stop by today and see the new Powerstar T4 Series tractors from New Holland.

 PowerStar™ T4 Series Tractors Designed By Farmers, For Farmers

New Holland, PA  - Pre-production models of New Holland's completely new PowerStarTM T4 Series utility tractors will be on public display at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, and the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Set to redefine comfort and performance in utility tractors, PowerStar tractors will be available in both cab and ROPS versions. The entire three-model line (75 hp - 100 hp)  will provide outstanding maneuverability, unparalleled comfort and excellent fuel efficiency for part-time farmers as well as livestock, dairy and other operators who are looking for a highly versatile tractor.

Industry-leading operator environment
"PowerStar tractors were designed with performance and comfort levels never before seen in a utility tractor," says Brad Moore, North American Mid-Range Tractor Segment Leader. "After extensive consultation with current utility tractor owners, we totally redesigned the cab around the operator using advanced virtual reality techniques to ensure that the controls conform to operators of all sizes."

Fully integrated loader
PowerStar T4 Series tractors will offer  industry-leading levels of visibility for loader work. The transparent, fully opening roof hatch guarantees perfect loader visibility throughout the entire operating range, even at maximum height. The cab's large glazed areas offer an unobstructed view of front-, rear- and mid-mounted equipment.

The fully integrated front loader was designed specifically for this tractor. The New Holland loader features a curved boom that facilitates ease of operation. Low mounting points provide maximum forward and downward visibility, with or without the loader. Loader operation and productivity has been improved with the addition of an integrated joystick.

Put A Workmaster to Work Today !

 New Holland's  WORKMASTERTM tractors bear a trusted name, and the same important qualities that made the original WORKMASTER tractors so popular in the 1960s. True to the original models, New Holland's new WORKMASTER tractors are dependable, basic  workhorses that are simple to operate and easy on the wallet.WM55_76

The 45-hp WORKMASTER 45 ,55-hp WORKMASTER 55,WORKMASTER 65 and the 75-hp WORKMASTER 75  are powered by proven, fuel-efficient, four-cylinder New Holland engines. The engines are Tier III emissions compliant and can be operated with diesel or B5 biodiesel fuel. They deliver quiet start-ups and smooth, quiet operation. Just like the originals, the new WORKMASTER tractors are built to work hard and last long. Their strong, cast iron axles effortlessly handle the stress and strain of heavy loader work. Big three-point hitch lift capacity (more than 2,500 lbs. on the WORKMASTER 55) means the tractor can manage larger implements. And for added traction and better performance in tough, slippery conditions, WORKMASTER tractors are available with a front-wheel-drive axle option.

Tough and reliable

With an 8x8 transmission with four constant mesh gears in two ranges, WORKMASTER tractors provide speeds to match any task, from mowing to loader work. Gears are set up in a simple H pattern, and shuttling between forward and reverse is easy. A synchronized mechanical shuttle lever, conveniently located to the left of the steering wheel, makes controlling the loader a cinch.

The comfortable, open operator station is designed for operator convenience with plenty of foot and leg room. Controls are easily accessible right next to the seat, and bright, clear, analog instrument gauges are easy to read.  The suspension on the deluxe, contoured seat adjusts for operator comfort. The sloped hood and rounded fenders provides outstanding visibility, another big plus for loader work.  And the vertical exhaust directs noise, heat and fumes away from the operator.

For more details stop by Bowie County Equipment today,or visit our showroom  for more information including specs,pictures,and quote requests.



New Holland's experimental hydrogen-powered NH2™ tractor is a shining example of our commitment to making agricultural equipment that is at the cutting edge of innovation, while at the same time honors our tradition of smart, simple operation. Through this and other projects, we hope to provide farmers with new ideas that will one day allow them to achieve fuel autonomy.

The NH2 tractor is a 106-hp working prototype able to perform all the tasks of a T6000 tractor while operating almost silently and emitting only heat and water. The fuel cell generates less heat than an internal combustion engine; offers a consistent output of power; and does not produce polluting nitrogen oxides, soot particles or carbon dioxide. The clean operation of the tractor brings added health benefits when working in confined areas, such as barns or greenhouses.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles, such as the NH2 have been in development for several years, offering many benefits over battery-driven vehicles, which are efficient only in a stop-and-start cycle and take a long time to recharge.

Energy Independent Farming

Farmers are in a unique position to benefit from hydrogen technology. They have the space to install alternative electricity generation systems, such as solar, wind, biomass or waste, and then store that power as hydrogen. Apart from the environmental benefits, such a system would allow farmers to become energy independent and improve their financial stability.

The NH2 hydrogen-powered concept tractor and energy-independent farm concept puts an easier, safer, cleaner and more efficient future within reach.

NH2 Recognized Globally

New Holland's Energy Independent Farm and NH2 tractor concept won the coveted Gold medal at the 2009 SIMA Innovation Awards Show in Paris. SIMA awards are selected every two years by a 15-judge panel of experts. The awards represent the best in technology and innovation in the agricultural industry.


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